23 Things – Week 5: Study

Week 5: Study

10. Watch Paula Gooder talk about “what the Bible is?”

11. Not everyone is bent towards reading and study. Still, you can immerse yourself in scripture through Psalms set to music by Sons of Korah (Click on Listen)

12. Who are your teachers and what are they teaching you? Make a list of your chief influencers, past and present. What aspects of God do you need to study more deeply? Develop a plan to pursue this study of God.

This is week five of 23 Things. See previous posts here and here for the first nine things and an introduction to 23 Things. If you want to be eligible to win a free book, post a comment under each week’s session. Those who complete all 23 Things will be placed in a drawing for a free book.

2 thoughts on “23 Things – Week 5: Study

  1. I have a hard time remembering or quoting scripture but yet I know lyrics to songs that are meaningless and add nothing to my life. Maybe listening to scriptures in the form of music might help that.

  2. So much of Christian music is taken from scripture, or it should be taken from scripture. Someone needs to make a website that references the scripture references found in songs.

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