Lenten Fast Update

Since 23 Things is covering fasting this week I thought it would be good to update you on how it went with my Lenten fast from Soft

Designer label for 2 litre Coca-Cola bottle
Designer label for 2 litre Coca-Cola bottle (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Drinks. We will do it FAQ style.

Did you make it the entire time?

No. I technically didn’t start on time because I was running in a Half Marathon and wanted a little celebratory soda pop post race. Ash Wednesday was three days before the race so I started my fast on the Monday after Ash Wednesday.

Did you eliminate all sugary caffeinated drinks?

No. Sweet Ice Tea became a new favorite but it still wasn’t a replacement and there were days when I cursed my Snapple because it was not a Coca Cola.

What helped you through the fast?

Somewhere, I read a quote from Lauren Winner that said something about whenever we are overcome with craving for the item we are fasting from we should be reminded of how our desire for God should be just as great. The fast reminded me often of how much I need God in my life.

Was it difficult?

Not as difficult as I expected. There is an amazing discovery that happens when you realize that you don’t have to meet every desire and that if you go without, the world still spins and life isn’t that bad. It is good because I am becoming less and God is becoming more.

What did you get out of it?

The biggest insight was the daily reminder of Jesus and his sacrifice. We, as Christians, do such a poor job of remembering our Lord, even during Christmas and Easter. This fast brought to my mind on a regular basis why I was doing this. Then I would remember Jesus’ sacrifice and be underwhelmed by my poor excuse for a sacrifice. It is a shame that I am so feeble-minded that I can so easily misplace Jesus in my head but this fast kept him in the forefront.

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