Now What??

Thanks for checking in yesterday as we kicked off 23 Things. Once you have completed this week’s activities, leave a comment to announce your completion or discuss the things you read or discovered in this week’s session. If you want to be eligible to receive the book, 25 Books Every Christian Should Read, you have to comment on each week’s activities.

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3 thoughts on “Now What??

  1. I listened to your podcast and read a Primer. Both very interesting. I desire to get closer
    to God and am looking forward to the 23 things.


  2. Great words today! As I was reading this, I was reminded about an article that i read a couple days ago about ‘noise’ in our worship services. The article mentioned that a Worship Pastor was on a 3 month sabattical and visited dozens of churches. He stated that each church was Biblically sound and the messages through song and speech were excellent. He noticed one thing about all of them though–there was no ‘quiet’ time, in other words, there was no time for God to speak/move. It was all about getting our words to Him and not His to us. He went to one church that (he stated) was waiting for God to move. Each week the entire congregation spent the first 30 minutes of the service in complete silence, waiting to hear what God had to say to them. When you think about it, it’s pretty incredible how we spend our time–personally and corporately–when it comes to listening and waiting for the Holy Spirit to move….

  3. Also, how easily we grow frustrated with God when he doesn’t move or speak but we have done absolutely nothing to allow for God to move. God is often willing to move but we are simply not listening and not paying attention.

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