Guide To Giving To the Homeless

What do you do when a homeless person asks you for money? Is there a more vexing question for people? So many spend way too

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much time thinking and stressing over these encounters. For some people, the entire weight of human existence and all that is right in the world is hanging on the proper response to these situations.

I say just relax, get off your high horse, and consider a few things that might help you handle these situations with a clearer mind.

  • First, 85% of the time, when you give a panhandler money they intend to use it for less than noble pursuits. This is no great revelation so what good is it going to do to crank up the judgement level. Sure, it is advisable to not give panhandlers money but no matter what you do, do it with a spirit of love and kindness and not contempt and self-righteousness.
  • Second, if you decide to give a panhandler money and they choose to use it for booze or drugs then that is between them and God. It is out of your hands and you don’t have to feel guilty as long as you were faithful to what you felt the Holy Spirit was guiding you to do. Many people fear being taken advantage of but is that really the end of the world? Maybe we need to learn to be more generous and God has placed this person in our path to see if we are willing to be gracious and compassionate. Sometimes the encounter with the homeless person may be more about you than it is about the homeless person.
  • Third, start to save up the coupons you see for food. We all have free drink coupons or 99-cent hamburger coupons lying around that we mostly ignore. Why don’t you get some of your really good ones, stick them in a sandwich bag, and put it in your glove box. When you see a homeless person, you can pass it along to them. Or you could buy a gift card to McDonald’s and place $5-$10 on it and hand it to the next homeless person you see. Better yet, put together a sack with snack items that can handle a few days in your car and make that your handout. You could write a note on the outside or place a scripture verse inside the bag.
  • Fourth, talk to homeless people. If you have lived in fear of homeless people, maybe it is time to move past your fears. Like we have said before, the panhandlers are going to be the more aggressive, possibly addicted, street people. They might not be open to much conversation. But if you move past this version of the homeless and encounter folks at shelters or homeless ministries, you will find very fine people who are very interesting to talk to and are very thankful to have your attention. Some of the kindness, most genuine people I have known have been homeless people.

For four years, my wife and I worked closely with the homeless and poor. These observations come from our experiences during this time.

3 thoughts on “Guide To Giving To the Homeless

  1. I know when I have taken the time to listen and get to know many of the homeless people that have come into my life, I am blown away by their story and what they have overcome. Most stories are actually very inspiring and really help you see the “homeless” as real people just like you and me. They are no different and we are the ones that make the distinction. My view of giving in Christ went to a whole new level when we were able to serve the homeless in Abilene.

  2. Looks like very wise advice to me. I had experience with many “requests” overseas. Some of my responses proved wise, and others proved unwise. I tried to always listen and respond as I perceived God’s leadership. Actually, I probably ended up with smaller savings for retirement, but I do not regret listening to the voice of the poor and trying to act as Jesus would have me to do. God bless you and all who try to care for the poor, “who are with us always.”

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