How To Give Your Good Intentions A Boost

We all make lists. Even the people who claim that they don’t do list often break down and make a list when something big is coming up; even if it is just in their head. Have you ever written down your spiritual activities on a to-do list? If not, why?

I once traveled by bus on a trip that spanned several states. I was looking forward to the ride as a way to catch up on reading and just relax. A friend of mine noticed that I had a list of items that I wanted to get to during the ride. He was already chiding me about the list but when he saw one item listed he bust out laughing. Underneath “proof article” and above “call office” I had written “ride.”

Did I really need a reminder about what I was most likely to be doing for next 10 hours? No, but what I did need a reminder about was noticing the scenery, reflecting on long stretches of our country that I wasn’t that familiar with, and giving myself time to just relax. By writing it down, I gave importance to it and moved it away from just a good idea to something I can take action on.

Most Christians have well intended plans to spend more time in worship, to pray while on their commute, or to listen to a sermon while working out but if we do not write it down on a list or schedule it these activities will most likely remain just worthy intentions that are never acted upon. You don’t have to be as geeky or OCD as I am about lists but it wouldn’t hurt to remind yourself, in writing, that Bible reading, prayer, stillness, and service are an important part of your day or week.

What do you need to add to your list?

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