Who Taught This Baby To Dance? And Other Musical Questions

Blogger Glenn McDonald once said that, “Music is the art form that humans do best.” This quote has always fascinated me and I have often thought about it and tried to determine if he is correct. What I have discovered is that music has a deep connection with the soul.

Have you ever noticed how toddlers do not have to be taught to dance? If there is music playing anywhere, it is not surprising to see an 8-13 month old child bouncing in a way that can only be categorized as dancing. I bet this is within any culture as well. Apparently, we are created to have an overwhelming urge to respond to music. There is something in the deepest part of our selves, I will call it the soul, that can be enriched, or disrupted, by music.

Some of the ways that I have used music to enrich my soul have been as a means of meditation, relaxation, celebration, worship, and reflection. Though my distraction obsessed self fights against it, I often know that my drive home from work will be much more fulfilling if I turn off the sports talk radio and listen to more music. I also find that when I am enjoying music the most is also when I am most in tuned to God and his inspiration.

I think that I would be less of a person if I did not have music in my life. And I also think that God uses music to reach us because to experience music is to participate in something that is more than just an intellectual exercise or a rational exchange but a spiritual activity.

In the next post, I will provide a music playlists of songs that have enriched my spiritual life.

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