Let Him Hear: Reading Revelation For Spiritual Growth #8

As I have stated before, I am taking a laissez faire approach to reading Revelation. I am less concerned in discovering all the secrets found in the language and prophesy than I am simply reading it and listening what God wants me to hear. In Revelation 10, the writer, John, sees a mighty angel who calls down the “seven thunders” and with it the final stage of God’s judgement. John, being the good writer that he is, wants to record what is about the happen but a voice from heaven tells him not to write anything down and to be okay with letting the “mystery of God” be fulfilled when the time comes for it to happen.

I wonder how many people who are obsessed with Revelation pay attention to this part? The message is clear. The final stage of judgement from God is to remain a secret and a mystery.

So, anyone who claims to have all the answers regarding God’s judgement and the end of time are claiming more than is allowed of them by God. Scripture, in this chapter, is intentionally withholding information from us. This is designed by God and we should accept it and be comfortable with it. It should not bother us that we don’t understand everything about scripture and about God. Even John was not asked to understand all that he saw, he was just asked to write it down and send it to the seven churches. In the same way, we are just asked to read and pray that God will reveal to us what he wants us to understand.

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