Let Him Hear: Reading Revelation For Spiritual Growth #2

Holy Spirit painting
Image by hickory hardscrabble via Flickr

In Jesus’ letters to the seven church in Revelation, each letter includes the words, “He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches.” I find it interesting that we are called, like the seven churches, to listen for the what the Spirit says. But is there a book in the Bible that is read with less acknowledgement towards the Holy Spirit than Revelation? People seem to only read Revelation to gather content and information on the end times. Reading Revelation is an academic endeavor and not a spiritual one. But Jesus says for us to hear, not what our mind says, but what the Spirit says to the churches.  When we open up and read Revelation, we should immediately listen for what the Spirit is saying to us. But this is hard.

The easiest thing to do is to start listing the mentioned descriptions of the seven churches. What are they being rebuked about, what are they being called to do, what will happen to them. The harder thing to do is listen to the words that come out of Jesus’ heart for the church – the Spirit words. These would include words such as perseverance, “first love”, “first deeds”, repent, “second death” , “poverty (but you are rich).”

Maybe Revelation is more of a spiritual book than I thought.

You can join me in reading Revelation for Spiritual Growth. I have only gotten to chapter 2 so you can follow along with me if you would like.

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