How Fear Is Keeping You From the Spiritual Life You Want

Christians are living in a state of fear which leads to frustration. We know that our lives can be full of the fruits of the Holy Spirit. We have seen glimpses of it in our lives and in the people around us but fear keeps us stagnant.

I believe that there are four things that we are most afraid of when it comes to making the effort to grow in our spiritual life.

1. Failure

2. Losing Enjoyable Things

3. Losing our Identity

4. More Responsibility

What we fear doing most is often what we most need to do – Bible reading, silence and solitude, memorizing scripture, eliminating distractions. Our culture is screaming for people who know the word of God, who meditate on scripture day and night, and who are not sucked in by hurry and busyness.

Starting tomorrow, I will focus on one fear a day and discuss how that particular fear is keeping us from making progress in our spiritual life.

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