The Jesus Chair Incident

Several years ago I read about the Jesus Chair exercise and decided to try it out. The basic idea is you set aside 15-30 minutes and take an empty chair and imagine that Jesus is sitting in the chair. And you simply begin to talk to Jesus as if he was sitting right there in... Continue Reading →

Good Words

Blog: This guy fasted from football for one year.   Site: Designed for young adults, a study on becoming like Jesus. Journal: Christian Reflection devotes an issue to technology and faith. Book: I am glad we have moved past the Emergent trend to the Missional trend. Challenge: Submitting to your kids for a whole day.... Continue Reading →

Good Words

Christianity Today's article on evangelicals succumbing to the sports culture   Has love of football turned into idolatry. slow down jo anybody ever tell you that you move too fast? anybody ever tell you how to make a good thing last? cuz it aint like that.... - Slow Down Jo, Monsters of Folk Tweet of... Continue Reading →

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