Take the Challenge: A Verse A Week

Very few spiritual exercises have impacted me more than scripture memorization. Even though I have only memorized a handful of verses in my life, the ones I have memorized have always been deeply impactful for me. So I invite you to join my challenge of memorizing a verse a week. We will start with the Sermon on the Mount in Matthew 5:3 – “Blessed are the poor in spirit,
for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.” By the end of March we should have four verses memorized.

Here are the steps to accomplish our goal of a verse a week:

Monday: Read the verse five times

Tuesday: Write the verse down on a sheet of paper five times

Wednesday: Read the verse aloud and then close your eyes and repeat it. Do this five times

Thursday: Find a mirror and say your verse in front of a mirror. If you do not have a mirror, do something else physical that helps you remember the verse such as act it out or provide motions to it.

Friday: Try to recite it from memory five times without looking. If you can’t make it five times then do this pattern: read, write, close your eyes, mirror.

Saturday and Sunday: Test your long term memory. Anyone can remember a phone number for five minutes but can you remember it the next day? Use the Weekend to recite it from memory and meditate on the verse.

This may sound too simple for you but our goal is not to become a memory athlete but become a type of person who memorizes scripture, enjoys doing it, and can reap the benefits from it.

If you are willing to take this challenge, please email me so that we can do this together. Accountability is a great motivator – scott dot jeffries at gmail dot com

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