Good Words

Article: Perhaps Atheist are not as rational as they would have us believe.


Study: Outdoor activity does more for mental and emotional health than activity indoors.

YouTube: Interest in Gospel Music is on the rise.

Blog: Jan Johnson describes how marriage and family help combat selfishness.

Tweet: @donmilleris Long line at airport security. A TSA worker is yelling trivia questions. If you answer correctly you get to skip the line. Awesome.

2 thoughts on “Good Words

  1. Regarding the first link: It is utterly uncontroversial among the atheist activists I know that not all unbelievers arrive at their unbelief rationally. This is neither news nor a refutation of any objection to religion and faith.

    Link 3: Given her high esteem for marriage in general, I’m mildly curious what Jan Johnson’s view of gay marriage is. Then again, there’s nothing obvious on her website, and I suspect that the answer is not very exciting.

    1. The Key,

      I checked out your blog and was impressed with your curiosity and willingness to learn more about Christianity. Your study and thoughtfulness regarding scriptures puts most believers to shame.

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