How to Find Maximum Fulfillment

The late 20th century professor and ethicist T.B. Maston once defined God’s will as “our maximum fulfillment.” I think about this quote regularly, especially when I am waging a war with myself over a part of my life that I am unwilling to change because I am afraid that I will lose something enjoyable. Maston stresses that only God’s will contains ultimate meaning and purpose, even happiness and enjoyment. Before you think that Maston was some super Christian that never had to face the realities outside a Christian context it would be best to understand something about his son.

Maston’s son was severely handicapped, had no use of his arms and legs, and never said a word in his life. Maston and his wife cared for their son for 50 plus years including feeding him, turning him over during the night, and countless other duties that most of us would never even imagine having to do for another person. But yet, Maston could say that God’s will is his maximum fulfillment. From a worldly perspective, Maston’s life experience would seem agonizing, torturous, and limited but in God’s Kingdom it may have still been difficult and challenging but it was also blessed with God’s strength, God’s mercy, God’s care, and God’s love. Why would anyone want to walk outside of this strength, mercy, and love?

Find God’s will and find your maximum fulfillment. This is a daily struggle for me as I seem to fight God’s will repeatedly. But slowly I am learning, slowly God is showing me that He knows what he is doing and that he has my best interest at heart. Oh Lord, that I might not fight you at every turn but submit to your will in my life.

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