Do You Care More About Your Weight Than Your Spiritual Health?

As we take another look at the Barna study on New Year's resolutions we see the following set of numbers: Among those planning to make resolutions, the top pledges for 2011 relate to weight, diet and health (30%); money, debt and finances (15%); personal improvement (13%); addiction (12%); job and career (5%); spiritual or church-related... Continue Reading →

Good Words

Still trying to change on your own? Research says that groups of friends are the key to changing behaviors. Donald Miller asks if Evangelicals are getting dumber? A prayer for Haiti on the anniversary of the earthquake. Study: Online activity is hurting your offline relationships. "Some call them silent times but the sound that nothing makes... Continue Reading →

3 Myths of Spiritual Growth

Have you made a New Year's Resolution? According to George Barna, only 19% of Americans are definitely planning on making resolutions  in 2011 despite the fact that 61% have made resolutions sometime in the past. Barna's report also states that 49% of those who have made resolutions in the past have seen no lasting change.... Continue Reading →

Good Words

Juanita Rasmus' experience with fixed-hour prayer? A musical (and rockin) prayer to be ready for what the new year may bring. Study: Giving thanks makes you healthier Does imposing spiritual practices on others work? Study: Twitter may not be the place to go for online discussion

Spiritual Enrichment Workout: Recap

So we have the four elements to our workout: 1. Warm-up - Fixed-Hour Prayer (3 minutes) 2. Core - Scripture reading (4-5 minutes) 3. Strength - Prayer (3-5 minutes) 4. Cardio - Devotional reading (1-2 minutes) I have placed the estimated time it takes to go through each element in parenthesis. On most days this... Continue Reading →

Spiritual Enrichment Workout: Cardio

Some of the benefits of a real cardio workout are increased energy,  lowered stress levels, and better sleep. In other words, positive side effects that carry on throughout the day. My spiritual version of cardio is also designed to benefit you throughout the day and not just during your Workout. I take a daily devotional... Continue Reading →

Spiritual Enrichment Workout: Core

Core Workout-  My favorite physical workout involves an emphasis on the body's center, or core. The idea being that it is from this center where the rest of your body's movements originate from. In our Spiritual Enrichment Workout, the emphasis is on hearing from God and letting him focus our faith commitment. The best way... Continue Reading →

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