Spiritual Enrichment Workout: Core

Core Workout–  My favorite physical workout involves an emphasis on the body’s center, or core. The idea being that it is from this center where the rest of your body’s movements originate from. In our Spiritual Enrichment Workout, the emphasis is on hearing from God and letting him focus our faith commitment. The best way to do this is to read scripture. But just as a good workout plan will start slow and build up to more repetitions and sets, our spiritual workout starts slow. I limit myself to five verses of whatever book of the Bible I am reading and five verses from the Gospels. I will discuss the value of five in a future posts. Some simple questions that you can ask when you are reading are: What is it saying? What am I hearing? How should I respond?

I always remember this quote I heard from John Ortberg, “I do not want to just get the church congregation through the Bible but the Bible through the church congregation.”

Tomorrow we will look at our version of a Strength workout.

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  1. i don’t know why i try to make things so complicated. i really get more out of scripture when i keep it simple. i am going to try this 5 verse approach. thanks. 🙂

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